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10 Facts About Me

May 16, 2017

I figured the best way for you, my readers, to understand where I’m coming from when I’m writing, is to let you know a little about me. So here’s my self-indulgent post. Drink it in people!

1) I’m addicted to garlic. Seriously, just about anything can be made better with 5 cloves of garlic. Nuff said.

2) Growing up my family always had Dalmatians. We had 3 throughout my life: Blaze, Ember and Chief. Yes, I know the names are corny as hell and yes, it’s wonderful. When I moved out I adopted my lovable mystery-mutt-mix Maverick!

3) I’m a singer – I was in choir/a cappella groups/musicals from 4th grade-sophomore year of college and was at one point on a career path to be a choir teacher.

4) Baking is a skill I do not have. I’m so so bad at it. The only thing I can make is this banana bread which is basically idiot proof. *I am a good cook though*

5) I LOVE Disney. I don’t care that I’m in my 20’s. I love a night in with a bowl of popcorn, my puppy and a good classic Disney movie, and yes I sing along. (Bonus fact: Belle is my favorite princess, and the Lion King is my favorite movie). I love it so much that I went and worked at Disney World for a year after graduation – read more about that here!

6) My dream job is working remotely for a non-profit that I care a lot about (preferably one with animals). Or serving ice cream in Bali. Really. I’ll take either.

7) I can’t handle scary movies or TV shows. I can’t even watch trailers for horror films. I watched the Walking Dead for years and had to stop because it gave me so much anxiety. I’ve occasional started watching Supernatural when the sir has it on but I switch to something else when it gets dark out.

8) I went to the hospital/ER for the first time ever at age 25. I was being super responsible and incurred a hand injury fighting sharks and saving babies (I was scrapping cookies off a pan with a steak knife and stabbed myself in the hand).

9) Reading is my favorite activity but I actually don’t own many books. I’m a big fan of the ap,¬†Overdrive, and check out a book a week which means I rarely go and buy one. I make the exception for books I read more than once aka Harry Potter.

10) I want to learn Krav Maga! I hate working out and I’ve been looking for an activity that I actually enjoy. I recently tried boxing and I’ve learned that I love a really physical workout. Punching stuff (not people) is fun! Maybe I’ll just stick to boxing. Who knows?

Anything you want to know about me? Be brave and ask!

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