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How to Successfully Start a Blog Before 2017 is Over!

October 10, 2017

How to Create a Blog

Figure out what you’re interested in

This is sometimes the hardest part to start a blog, but also the most fun part! I’m in quite a few blogging groups and one of the questions I see all the time is “do I have to pick only one thing to write about in the beginning?” Generally, the answer is “no”! With the stipulation that you shouldn’t pick more than 5 topics and it helps if the topics are relate-able (ex: fitness and food, or career growth and personal finance, or dog health and dog training). My blog is still fairly general as I cover topics that I feel lots of developing adults can relate to. Eventually, you’ll find that there’s a topic that counts for the majority of your traffic or a topic that you enjoy writing about more than the others. For me, that’s looking like personal finance! It’s ok to narrow your niche once you find out what posts shine brightest! Some bloggers disagree and think you should focus in on a specific niche right away. If you already know that specific something you are incredibly passionate about, that’s excellent! You can always start blogging in a narrow niche right away as well.

Choose a nameHow to Successfully Start a Blog Before 2017 is Over! - Above Average Adulting

I lied. This was actually the hardest part for me when I was looking to start a blog. “It’s so permanent! What if I choose a stupid name!” Choosing a great blog name at the beginning is incredibly important. It’s not recommended that you change the name later on in your blog’s life. First step is to take the topics you’re deciding to write about and who you are writing for and think of applicable descriptors for those headliners (grab a thesaurus if needed). Then think of how you can combine those words while infusing a bit of your writing personality. It’s also important to write down a lot of ideas in case the name you choose is already taken! I took a couple variations I really liked and asked a couple of people in my target audience which name appealed most to them, and what they thought a blog with that name would be about. I knew my writing style isn’t overly serious and I was writing for millennials like me, who were looking to get better at certain aspects in their life. Above Average Adulting was born!

Favorite Blog Names

Making Sense of Cents – a blog about blogging and personal finance

Finding Tom – a travel and self discovery blog

Mommy: Home Manager – a blog about balancing life as a new mom with a career

Choose a host

Fun fact: Above Average Adulting is actually my second blog! I had one years ago that I lost motivation in after no one could find it, and I had a minimal following. What was one of the problems? Not choosing a hosting platform! Above Average Adulting is supported by BlueHost. Tons and tons of bloggers love BlueHost and I’ll create a post soon dedicated wholly to the benefits of choosing them. If you choose BlueHost as well – follow my link to receive a discounted rate, starting at $3.95 per month! You can always start with the cheapest option as you start a blog and upgrade as your blog grows.

Write some posts

Have a couple of posts ready to go! This ensures that as soon as you launch you’ll have content to share and get your blog moving from day one. Don’t publish something half-a$$ed just to get something out there. Write quality content for your readers so they’ll keep coming back. I found it was easiest to start with my About Me page just to get the juices flowing, help my readers understand where I’m coming from and to nail down what the blog had to offer to my readers.

Launch it!

Finally! Start a blog! Time to let your brain child loose on the world!

Start a Blog – Resources

Canva & Pexels – having good looking social-media-ready images in your posts is a great way your posts shared and to get your content in front of more people

Pinterest – other than being my favorite social media platform, Pinterest has loads of info on blogging. Plus it helps to have a place where you can have a visual representation of your interests (this is where I find a lot of my post inspiration!)

Facebook Groups – another place to find tons of information and support! My personal favorites: Blogging with Purpose and BTOP Ultimate Blogging Group

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    These are some great, simple tips!
    Thank you for the shout out. Your name is one of my favorites too!
    Picking my name wasn’t as challenging as some…I went from being a stage manager to being a home manager. It just kind of fit. 🙂

    October 10, 2017 at 5:00 PM Reply
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